Sunday, March 1, 2015

Random Reflections

I guess reflections, physical or mental, aren’t random; but alliteration is always catchy in a title.

I have lousy vision - 20/200 to be exact. I tend to be a visual learner, which makes me wonder how many children with bad vision are visual learners. I also wonder how many children with numerous ear infections are auditory learners. Maybe mother nature is more ironic than we realize.

When I became a teacher I was surprised at the many rules for spelling and math. Were those rules not taught when I was a child, or was I just not paying attention?

Many adults are delighted to learn that there is a rule when to use c, k, or ck or to discover some other spelling guideline now being taught. But we are looking at these rules with adult minds. Obviously the rule helps some students. I have a feeling, however, many children hear the rule and view it only as another thing their teacher wants them to learn. They don’t see the connection to what they are doing. That ah ha moment, ”I get it now!” comes several weeks, or even several years after it was taught.

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