Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Read Alouds - Biographies

At least one biography should be included in your Read Aloud Books. Why?  First, it is almost impossible not to find a biography that will appeal your child. There are books about scientists, artists, presidents, civil rights leaders, immigrants, journalists, explorers, athletes, musicians, pioneers, and inventors. If you are facing an adversity there is a book about how someone overcame it. For every topic there is an accomplished person with a biography. 

Biographies are written in different formats. There are some fantastic picture books, and chapter books ranging from easy read to adult level. For the older child there is also the autobiography.

Because biographies are written for every age level your child may decide to continue researching a person introduced to her through a read aloud.  So acquaint your child to the genre as well as to some new vocabulary,  history or geography.

Here are some links to get you started.  Picture book biographies -  Biographies for children - Biographies that may be suitable to read to an older child. (These are adult books so I suggest you preview them before you read aloud.)

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