Saturday, June 20, 2015

Off to See the World

Just got back from a road trip with friends. What did we find?  Fog, rain, muddy roads, and a broken toilet. Despite the bumps in the road we had a great time. Of course we were all adults, but a road trip with children usually includes some bumps in the road while producing fond memories. Ever notice how bad times create better stories than good times?

But there is something else one can create on a vacation, and that is a family journal. This is a journal in which everyone contributes. If the youngest can't write, she can dictate her memories to an older sibling or parent. If anyone or everyone has a difficult time getting started ask them to write the one thing they remember about the day. It's fun to read how parents interpret a day on the road versus how children perceive it. While parents remember arguing about a lost reservation, a child remembers the blue snow cones on the beach. Family members can contribute one picture or small item a day for the journal if they want.  

I didn't do this for every family vacation but every time I re-read the few journals we have I realize how delightful those moments were - even the bumpy ones.

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