Sunday, April 19, 2015

Quick Tip - Drop or Double

Beginning readers may also find this spelling tip helpful.  In a one syllable word that has a vowel/consonant/silent e pattern (examples: rope, make, like) drop the e when adding ing.  With one syllable words that end with a vowel/consonant (example: rap, tip, stop) double the end consonant when adding ing.

Children need practice not only using this rule but reading words created with this rule.

Some doubling last consonant words: slipping, winning, clapping, hitting, stopping, nodding, patting, skipping, stepping

Some drop the final e words: driving, liking, making, raking, smiling, roping, joking, tubing

Some similar  words  for practice: Hope:hoping -  hop:hopping,  tap:tapping - tape:taping,  ride:riding - rid: ridding,  skid:skidding -  slide:sliding

There are more rules concerning adding vowel suffixes, but for a child who has difficulty with spelling, the simpler the rule--the easier it is to learn. These two rules work well when learned together for comparison and examples.

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