Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick Tip: -TION words

Most readers quickly pick up that the syllable -tion is pronounced shun, but a child with dyslexia often stops when trying to read words such as reaction or exclamation.

One way to help a child recognize this syllable is to create a list of -tion words and have your child read a few words a day. Start with the easy two syllable words. Put the list in columns. They words should be written or typed in a fairly large font. The next day practice the same column. Have your child read the column top to bottom and bottom to top so they don't memorize the list. This practice is fun for many children since there are so many long words that end in -tion

Here are some -tion word examples:

  • Two syllables: action, notion, potion, motion, nation, station, caption, fraction, section. question, caution
  • Three syllables: vacation, tradition, subtraction, addition, solution, selection, rotation, location, direction, quotation, petition, narration, pollution, emotion, nutrition, correction
  • Four  or more syllables: abbreviation, appreciation, aviation, capitalization, characterization, circulation, colonization, conservation, constellation, cooperation, definition, education, hibernation, illustration, introduction, multiplication
This is a good activity for a poor reader in 3rd through 5th grade. The list above is a good representation of some -tion words an upper elementary child should be able to read and define. The list is also good practice for dividing a word into syllables. Check this link  for more -tion words with addition links to their meanings.

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